Bringing new functionalities to an ecological events app to enhance their visibility & user engagement.


Project Duration
3 months

Volunteered as a UX/UI Designer
in a team with the App Founder and
the Project Manager

"Her exceptional understanding of user needs and elegant design solutions impressed us. Rexelle's dedication and expertise exceeded expectations, adding immense value. An exemplary professional we'd gladly collaborate with again."

Oscar Ratera, Co-Founder of Ecoviu

About the app

As awareness about Climate Change grows, people see the potential of Ecoviu as a valuable idea.

Ecoviu is a platform for sharing events, where organizers can post both in-person and virtual activities for individuals interested in Climate Action to join. I collaborated with Ecoviu to help them tackle significant user experience challenges that was limiting their growth.

The Problem

Not many people know about the app, and those who do, often find it confusing.

The Challenge

How might we help attendees find Ecoviu and successfully attend ecological events of their interest?

After gaining insight from Ecoviu users, we transitioned from the CEO's initial focus on adding a community feature to identifying a more critical issue: low user base, which significantly impacts the overall user experience and Ecoviu's potential for growth. Our new focus prioritized the enhancement of key features, essential for both Ecoviu's growth and an improved user experience.

The Research Methods

During my efforts to understand the current experience in Ecoviu, my research methods included attending several events, interviewing event organisers as well as users of other competitor apps.

Research Conclusions

Ecoviu’s basic functionalities needed a clear usability improvement as we learned from organisers & leading competitors.

Based on insights from organisers as well as my own experiences as an attendee, we identified a common need: organizers wanted more user involvement, and attendees wanted a smoother event experience. To address these shared needs, we decided to improve the app's current features.

Research Conclusions

The app's small user base was impacting event attendance, making it crucial to introduce features that could drive rapid growth for Ecoviu.

Realizing social media's importance, we looked at successful attendee experiences in apps that relied on social media and other features for growth. Our solution involves integrating additional engagement opportunities, thereby expanding the app's reach and providing event organizers with a wider audience.

Concept Testing Conclusions

We called for a first round of iteration as it was still confusing for attendees to navigate through the app and complete basic tasks.

These conclusions helped to achieve
‘’Immense value to our app ‘’ - Ecoviu Founder


I introduced the new and improved functionalities in three distinct phases to guide the attendees towards achieving a satisfying experience with Ecoviu : Before, During and After Events.

Solution | Before the event

Spreading awareness with invites through Social Media.

This solution improves event sign-up by adding SDG symbols to the confirmation modal and allowing users to save or share invites, attracting potential users and clarifying the event's purpose.

Display user’s event status.

We integrated a banner that would update in real-time to reflect any changes leading up to the event. This improvement was identified as crucial during user interviews.

Solution | During the event

Tweaks and New Additions to enhance the user's event management experience.

These solutions focuses on improving and enhancing existing app features to create a smoother navigation and more overall user experience leading up to their event. These improvements were identified as crucial during concept testing.

Solution | After the event

Support for event organisers by sharing photos.

A Rating Modal, that would be introduced by a push notification, would be significant as it would provide organizers and Ecoviu with valuable event feedback.

Offer users a confirmation of their contribution to share.

Attendees can share their contributions to the SDGs to raise awareness among others, ultimately attracting more users to Ecoviu.


‘’Delivered a remarkable design that seamlessly integrated with our existing UI toolkit, making the development process a breeze’’

Oscar Ratera, Co-Founder of Ecoviu

The founder expressed satisfaction with the solutions, stating they were precisely what Ecoviu required to enhance its reach and raise awareness for the social cause. The solutions are currently being implemented.

Next Steps

Track the analytics of these implemented solutions and keep improving the product.

The project lacked insights from actual attendee journeys and feedback, which could have clarified the problem further. The next step is to monitor the progress of the new flows and gather feedback for future improvements.

What this project taught me

To always assess whether the client's needs pertain to current challenges or potential future issues to prioritize design solutions effectively.

User research was essential in uncovering the real problem. Without it, we might have developed solutions for a brief that could only be effective once the underlying issue was addressed.

The significance of constant communication with developers to streamline the handoff process helps reduce the need for extensive explanations.

Providing detailed instructions during the handoff was time-consuming because there was no communication with the developer throughout the design process.